DEC, 29 TH 

   I would like to thank Colón travel for providing this wonderful opportunity and Piero, for telling us about it. The experience was unlike any other and was definitely once in a lifetime. I had an exceptional time and enjoyed the breathtaking nature and history of this mysterious place. We went on a tour around the massive historical ruins and the guide was informative in every way. They  talked to us about the structures and why everything remained the way it did. I thought the most interesting fact I learned was that this was the only Inca home the  conquistadors did not destroy because they were not able to access it due to its significant hiding. It was so hidden and high up, that they did not find it and conquer it. It was a truly fascinating experience and I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Dale Castillo and  Pamela Castillo , Tempe, Arizona - USA


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                                       in particolare il                                              signor  Piero ha                                            organizzato per me

                                       un  viaggio di 20                                            giorni in   Peru. È

                                       stato fantastico  il                                          tour ed eccellente                                          quanto organizzato                                        dal  signor Piero.

                                       Gli  spostamenti e                                          le  accomodation  rispondevano alle mie richieste ed esigenze. Il più bel viaggio della mia giovane vita. Grazie alla Colon Travel ho potuto ammirare ogni angolo più suggestivo del Perù.  Ogni visita è stata studiata nel dettaglio  dal signor Piero. È stato tutto meraviglioso incluso il periodo trascorso nella foresta amazzonica. Altissima qualità per un costo inferiore di oltre il 50  % rispetto i tour operator in Italia. Da consigliare al 300%. Grazie colon Travel e grazie al signor Pierò. Viaggio indimenticabile​.

Massimiliano Aldini ,Rome - Italy


JAN 15TH  
Una inigualable experiencia.

Una grata semana de descanso  , llena de emociones, conocimientos y perplejidad al conocer el gran legado Inca.

Gracias Colón Travel, Agencia de viajes y turismo !!!!

Julio Corzo, Bucaramanga-Colombia

 APR, 17 TH                                  
Piero, Thank you for a wonderful family vacation!  Everything went very smooth.  You always had someone looking out for us and getting us where we wanted to go and/or  needed to be on time.  Over the two week period, we saw so much of your beautiful country: Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Puerto Maldonado (Corto Maltes), and Lake Titicaca.  You were always a phone call away if we needed you and that was very comforting.  Also, it was so nice of you to personally drive us to and from the Lima airport.  Even at 4:00 a.m.  That is dedication to your customers.  We wish you the best with your business.  I expect you will go far with the superior service that you offer.
Thanks again!

Carol Rohde and Derek Rohde,Kansas-USA